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Artifacts #17 Review

Artifacts #17 Review


Tom Judge and the Rapture vs. Jackie Estacado and the Darkness

The Good:

I love this story. I started reading this in issue 12 and have loved it ever since. Ron Marz is absolutely killing it on the story and the dialogue. All of the characters seem natural when they talk to each other and when they interact. This book just flows.

As for the issue itself, the writing and the action is top shelf. At first the Rapture vs. Darkness fight seemed light but there is a good explanation for that. All of the characters from the old universe are slowly being revealed in the new one and as about half the owners of the artifacts come together things are getting interesting, especially for Jackie.

Stjepan Sejic’s art is phenomenal, one of the best in the industry. Seriously every page is a work of art (no pun intended) and it goes so well with the writing that it gives the story an entirely new and better dimension. In fact, they should cut the dialogue and make every issue a silent issue the art is so amazing. (They shouldn’t really do that but if they did every once in a while, I wouldn’t argue.)

The Bad:

I don’t understand all of the characters but that is because I am relatively new to the tow Cow/Witchblade/Artifacts world but the way Ron Marz is presenting a series that will not be a problem for long


This issue was fantastic. I liked every page, the writing is great the art is great, the pacing is perfect, everything about this series is amazing. It saddens me that this only comes out once a month. This is not a new reader friendly issue I would go back at least two issues or get all of them because you’ll like it so much.

5 out of 5

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