kartron's Artifacts #13 - "Artifacts" part 13 of 13; "Origin: Heartstone" review

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just before top cow rebirth (frm new top cow reader)

  • Amazing cover art. Interior art is excellent with great attention to detail. Some panels have extremely COOL art. Really loving Tom Raney's art.
  • As a new reader, I just read it I did not get much with the first few pages - although certain things were clear in the dialogues between Darkness & Witchblade.
  • It begins with a situation where the universe is no longer there - and - you would know exactly why at the end of this issue.
  • A 2 page spread showing 12 artifacts is awesome!
  • Some important events such as Darkness kills the curator, Sara Pezzini moves to Chicago and Darkness returns to his wife Jenny & they already have a 8 year old girl child Hope.
  • There is a small recap on the origin of Heart Stone at the end - a 2 page spread illustration.
  • A 2 page spread summary at the end about the events happened previously in Artifacts is very cool. Ther is one panel for each significant event so far w.r.t Artifacts....
  • Oh by the way, this is a lovely issue for those who follow Witchblade coz this has a small piece that connects to the Witchblade issue 151 - which is the latest & a reboot issue.
  • As a new top cow (Artifacts, Witchblade) reader - with my low understanding of top cow universe - And hoping get more interesting read in future - I rate this book as 4.5 out of 5.
  • The main reason for high rating is for providing a great jumping point for a new reader like me!

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