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Artie witnessed a boat capsize while he was on duty as a lifeguard and felt terrible that he couldn't save each person. He sold his soul to Vetis so that he could enlist the help of sea creatures whenever he called. As part of the exchange, Vetis placed some of his power in the soulless Artie.


Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and drawn by Mike Hawthorne.

Major Story Arcs

Artie continues to use his powers for good and never experiences the pain of losing another person at his beach post. When Vetis needs the power he stored in humans he enlists the help of Deadpool in killing each person. Artie sees Deadpool struggling in the ocean and swims out to help him. Deadpool then tries to drown Artie but learns that the lifeguard can breathe underwater. Artie also calls on some sharks to kill Deadpool. Artie shows that he is a great guy by taking Deadpool's body to shore. Deadpool awakens and questions Artie's actions and Artie explains that he doesn't kill people - he saves them. Artie gets stabbed in the back and the blood draws the sharks back. His body is almost completely consumed before Deadpool pulls the head and torso to the beach. Vetis appears and sucks his powers out of Artie's dead body.


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