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X-Men RessurXion Variant Cover Reveals

Take a look at covers by Clayton Crain, Mike Deodato, Marco Checchetto, and Elizabeth Torque.

RessurXion will soon be upon us. The X-Men's battle with the Inhumans has ended, and we'll see new X-titles debuting soon. Other titles will feature RessurXion variants by Marvel's top artists.

We've been given an exclusive first look at four of them. Check them out below. Each has a regular $3.99 cover price.

Spider-Gwen #19 (Jubilee) by Clayton Crain FEB170853

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Deadpool #29 (Young Beast) by Mike Deodato FEB170928

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Champions #7 (Old Man Logan) by Marco Checchetto FEB170822

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Spider-Man #15 (Magneto) by Elizabeth Torque FEB170847

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