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X-Men Producer Talks First Class, Wolverine 2, Deadpool and the Magneto Movie

It's Mega Marvel Mutant Movie Madness!

  He can carry tons of metal, but I don't think Mags can carry a whole movie.
 He can carry tons of metal, but I don't think Mags can carry a whole movie.

Mutant movie mega-producer Lauren Schuler-Donner recently did an interview with Crave wherein she commented on the statuses of the half-dozen or so X-flicks currently in development. She said that the previously-announced X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO won’t be happening - - it’s basically been absorbed into the plot of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. She also doesn't think Ryan ReynoldsGREEN LANTERN commitments are going to interfere with him starring in the DEADPOOL solo movie.  In her mind, the situation’s similar to Harrison Ford being equally well-known for playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Finally, she says they’re aiming to keep the second WOLVERINE as close to original comics about Logan’s adventures in Japan as they can.

Oddly enough, I was actually thinking just recently about the MAGNETO movie. I’m a fan of David Goyer and Ian McKellan, sure, but how many of you actually wanted to see a movie that was entirely about Magneto? Sure, he’s one of the most important characters in the mutant mythos, but it’s really kind of a letdown to do a story about just one character after you’ve had a whole series of ensemble pieces. Yeah, they’re doing Wolverine and Deadpool movies, but those make sense because both characters have had solo titles for years. == TEASER ==

As for the prospect of Reynolds getting to star in DEADPOOL? I honestly don’t think that’s going to really be decided until some time next year. Sure, there’s stated interest. Sure, there’ll be a lot of rumors and discussion up until then. But it’s really just going to come down to what the specific circumstances are at time. It's like trying to predict the weather. Maybe his GL commitments will extend further than he expects. Maybe Fox won’t have a director locked during the open window in his schedule and he’ll opt to do R.I.P.D. instead. There’s really no predicting, which is actually how the GL project began. Remember how everybody was so sure that Bradley Cooper had the role and then Reynolds was announced at the last minute?

And WOLVERINE 2? I don’t know. I honestly never found that Mariko/Silver Samurai/Lady Deathstrike stuff as interesting as Logan’s days in Weapon X.

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