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X-Men: First Class Character Profile: Angel Salvadore

Will Angel end up on the side of good or evil?

Do you know who Angel Salvadore is? If you don't read X-Men, especially Grant Morrison's run, then you're probably in the dark. Angel first appeared in New X-Men #118 and she was created by Grant Morrison and Ethan Van Sciver.

I think it's safe to say, based on the trailers, that the film version of the Angel is going to be a bit different than the comic book version. But who is Angel and how could she play a role in this film, based on the photos we've seen so far?

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I just lost my appetite... forever.
I just lost my appetite... forever.

Angel Salvadore, in the comics books, is a bit gross but has a lot of sassyness, and she doesn't seem too much like the sexy movie version we've seen numerous times in trailers or photos floating around the web. First off, she can spit acid. Her saliva is acidic, like a fly. She can also fly and has a fly.

She spent her days, during Morrison's New X-Men run, shacking up with fellow X-Men Beak, and the two love birds (get it? Beak's a bird looking dude) had a whole bunch of weird looking half-Beak/half-Angel kids. Multiple children, just like a fly. All of the children aged rapidly though, and it's assumed they all have shortened life spans as well.

Angel was de-powered during M-Day, and spent her time running around under the name Tempest and a member of the New Warriors. She had super-powered gauntlets on that let her generate cold, heat, and wind. To be honest, this is where the character became infinity uninteresting.

Obviously, this won't be the Angel we will see on the big screen, but I'm pretty sure we will get aspects of this character. However, story-wise, it seems like there's a lot going on with this character.

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We've seen the shot on the left a million times at this point, and at one point, we've all mentioned that it's insanely creepy. Professor X and Magneto watch Angel undress. However, on the right, there's a new photo floating around the web. It's Sebastian Shaw and Angel toasting each other. What could this mean? Well, one of two things: Either Angel starts out as a member of the X-Men and ends up switching over to the Hellfire Club because they're just so darn classy, or Angel becomes a spy for the X-Men and infiltrates the Hellfire Club. The first scenario is much more plausible. It could also go vice versa.

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We don't know much other than this, since Angel really hasn't appeared too much in the trailers or in other photos as much as some of he other characters.

The character of Angel Salvadore is played by Zoë Kravitz and she is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. While she doesn't look anything like the character from the books, it doesn't really matter since this movie continuity really has nothing to do with the comic anyway. Do you guys think Zoe is right for the part? What do you think about Angel in this film and what role will she play?

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