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X-Factor Gets a Surprising New Member in X-Men: Regenesis

A lot of readers have been asking for his return but who would have thought he'd be in X-Factor?

The X-Men: Regenesis teasers continue to roll out. Yesterday Marvel released a teaser for New Mutants showing Nate Grey as their new member. That wasn't too big of a surprise given his recent appearance in the title.

Today, Marvel released a teaser for X-Factor.

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You're seeing what I'm seeing. Havok not only is finally back but he's going to be in X-Factor? I'm not really sure how that's going to work. Yes, Havok was a member of the team but that was back when it was under the control of the government and Val Cooper. As the current head of the Starjammers, taking on mutant cases at X-Factor Investigations is going to be a bit of a different lifestyle for Havok. Can we assume that's Lorna flying in the background or is that M? We'll find out in January.


Written by PETER DAVID


Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW


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