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Would You Watch A Bone Movie? How About Three?

Creator Jeff Smith is "very happy" with the progress.

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Ah, Jeff Smith's BONE.  I have to say the series has been one of my absolute favorites.  I'm currently about three-fourths of the way through the series with my daughter.  It's simply a book that everyone can enjoy.  The big question is, when will we get a Bone movie?  It was a year and a half ago that I first got wind of a possible Bone movie.  While there hasn't been much news since, MTV just posted some words from Jeff Smith.
Smith said he is "very happy" with the progress so far.  He also feels that Warner Bros. will make three movies out of it in order to fully tell the complete story.
Three movies?!?  That sounds great to me!  This is a movie that I really want to see.  I am scared that it could be bad but I'll just have to trust that Jeff Smith will be on hand to ensure it doesn't get butchered.
One of the questions before was whether or not it would be live-action, animated, CGI or some combination.  I believe it's leaning towards an animated film right now.  Even though most "kid movies" are CG these days, I really feel that it should be done the old fashioned way.  If you haven't read Bone, go out this weekend and pick some up.  It's just such a great story.

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