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Worst 5 'Batman: The Animated Series' Action Figures

Remember 90s Batman figures? Well here's some stinkers.

Without a doubt, Batman: The Animated Series not only completely changed the game for animated shows based off of comics, but it still holds up as one of the best animated series of all time, at least on my list. Although the landmark series, which began in 1992, is coming up to its 20 year anniversary, it is held in such high regards because its animation style spawned numerous other hit DC comic related television series: Superman, Justice League of America, and most recently, Young Justice. Batman: The Animated Series (BAS) is a classic piece of animation that stands the test of time, even during the 1990s where shows were thrown onto television no matter if they were great or the worst piece of trash ever.

During the 90s, with the successful rise of an animated series came a buttload of action figures, and many of which had nothing to do with the show. While BAS was a great show, it fell victim to this method of toy production. How bad was it? Well, it was pretty darn bad. I'm not talking about any random figures from the set, just different, lame, useless Batman toys. That being said, let's look at the 5 worst Batman figures from the BAS line in no particular order...

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1: Ground Assault Batman

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I've always loved the Green Goblin, and finally, the Batman The Animated Series put out a Green Goblin action figure for the... wait... That's not Green Goblin. Fool me once Kenner, shame on you.

So, if you can't tell, we have a Batman figure that is obviously inspired by the Green Goblin. If you think otherwise, I will call you crazy to your face. Aside from the BatGlider, Batman is even painted purple and green. I can hear the Goblin's laugh now as I stare at this figure.

When I first saw this figure, I thought, "well, a Green Goblin Batman figure is kinda cool. Wait... it can't fly? It's just a giant skateboard?" Yes, the BatGlider is not an actual gliding machine. It just rolls across your carpet in a non-threatening way. Seriously, would you be threatened by a purple Batman rolling at you in a skateboard mildly shaped like his logo? I hope not. You can find this toy online or on top of the Brooklyn Bridge dropping Gwen Stacy from the top of it. (Spoiler alert: She dies)

You may be thinking, "Wow. That is pretty awful." Beware, it only gets worse. And by worse, I mean colorful!

2: Land Strike Batman

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Dude! I LOVE the Centurions! Seriously though, he totally looks like a turned-away Centurion. "Sorry Bruce, but your outfit doesn't fit our color scheme. We already have a yellow guy. Why don't you try being all angsty and fighting crime on your own." And that's when Land Strike Batman was born... out of the womb of worthlessness and the son of a failed dream.

This is two figures in a row where the point of said figure is Batman striking or assaulting from the ground or land. I thought the whole point of Batman was to attack from the sky and sneak up on you, not come barreling towards you like Sloth from the Goonies. Nothing says "discretely" like a dude in a bright-yellow suit with a green claw above his head.

This giant green crab claw isn't even on the land, if we want to get all "real" about this. It's mounted on Batman's shoulders. A more fitting title would be "Barely Above Your Head Strike Batman." And does he have to wear the magma camouflage to do this? I'm sure the regular Batsuit will do just as well.

So far, we've seen the Green Goblin and the lost member of the Centurions. How could this get any more ridiculous...

3: Piranha Blade Batman

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I apologize first for the photo. It's very hard to find a good picture of Piranha Blade Batman, most likely because Piranha Blade Batman is an elusive creature. It hides in the depths of many Amazonian rivers, and when it sees lunch, it jumps out of the water and fires circular saw thingys at it, then eats its prey. Piranha Blade Batman truly is nature's deadliest predator.

So, I truly have no clue how this figure is related to a Piranha in any way. The figure looks like it would be much more adept at fighting lava from a safe distance (2 miles minimum). I have no clue what the deal with the armor is, or why it covers his face, or why he's the red version of Land Strike Batman.

A more suitable name for this Batman would be, "I lost the keys to the Batcave, so I'm stuck with the stuff I found in the garage Batman." This toy hurts my eyes.

4: Tornado Batman

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At some point, Kenner was just like, "We've run out of ideas! Let's just put a natural disaster in front of Batman's name!" Don't believe me? In addition to the image on your left, check out Lightning Strike Batman, which ALMOST made the list. So here's another weather-related Batman... Tornado Batman. Mother nature's most chaotic and unpredictable Batman.

What would hurt more: A piranha blade AKA knife or a spinning fan blade that could never actually cut you because it's encased in a circular thingymabob? Point made. You suck Tornado Batman.

And once again, I feel like we've lost what Batman truly is: a sneaky ninja. Reflective silver really won't help you hide in the shadows, and that tornado gun is just as effective as any Nerf toy. Yes, even the ones that need batteries. Take a look at the cover art though. Why is he wearing a gas mask? Is his weapon so powerful it creates a vacuum which all air is sucked into causing his victims to suffocate? If so, this is the best Batman toy ever, not the worst.

5: Radar Scope

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Batman Can someone please tell me what "radar scope" is? Because I don't see a radar scope anywhere on here. This isn't Aliens and you aren't Private Hudson, Batman. "Game Over."

If I said to you "there is a Batman called 'Radar Scope' what do you picture first?" You'd probably think he'd have some sort of face attachment that allows him to see radar, or at least a gun with some sort of radar on it. However, we don't get that. What we have here is a Batman with some weird failed para-glider attached to his back, which has a giant grappling gun attached to the top.

I don't know how he has his led that far back in the picture being that, on the toy, there is no room to move your leg at all. You know what a better name for this figure is: "Random junk Batman."

So there they are. Out of all the original Batman the Animated Series figures of Batman, those are my least favorite. What do you guys think of these figures? Are there any in the series you think are worse?

~Mat "inferiorego" Elfring is teacher, comedian, writer, and comic store employee.