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Wonder Woman To Get CW Television Series

The Amazonian warrior could get another chance at her very own television show, but will you want to watch it?

Remember when the folks at the CW premiered the first episode of ARROW to audiences at Comic-Con, and it was a success? Those who saw it had promising things to say about the upcoming new series revolving around DC comics' "Emerald Archer." And although the television series has not yet made its way to the small screen (the show premiere's October 10th) it looks as though it may have opened the door for the CW to explore other DC comics properties to bring them to the small screen. Namely, Wonder Woman. Yes, you read that right! The CW may very well be looking to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen.

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Last year we saw a Wonder Woman pilot developed by David E. Kelly that was just a little too over the top for audiences. The NBC developed television show was shut down before most of us even had the chance to see the pilot, but what was wrong with it? Was it Kelly's vision for the character -- that mix of crime-fighting with a dash of corporate head honcho -- or was it Wonder Woman's character herself? Can she be adapted to the small screen, or is the concept of an Amazonian warrior who is likely as strong as the Man of Steel, unrelatable and too unbelievable for audiences to grasp? The CW doesn't seem to think so and neither does Warner Brothers. According to the latest report from VULTURE, Wonder Woman may very well be on her way to the small screen with a little help from Allan Heinberg, who has scripted Grey's Anatomy and The O.C. as well as YOUNG AVENGERS for Marvel comics.

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According to the source, Warner and the CW firmly have faith in Diana's origin story. They believe that a focus on the young Amazon warrior before the days when she met and fell in love with Steve Trevor or joined the Justice League, might make an interesting television show. The big difference here is that the CW wants to keep the bracelets, crown and Princess stuff out of the story. Question is, could this actually work? This is the part where we look to Smallville. The successful CW series that lasted a whopping ten seasons on the network is a great example of the CW taking a super powered character and grounding him, telling the story of Superman before he actually became Superman. We have a feeling that Warner and the CW might take the same recipe that worked for Superman and apply it to Wonder Woman. We like to think it can work, and having a guy like Allan Heinberg scripting (someone familiar with comics and comic characters) might not be a bad idea.

What do you think of all this? Do you think a show centered around the days before Wonder Woman became Wonder Woman could work? Is it something you can see yourself watching?