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Wonder Woman Live Action "Shorts" Look

Check out what she would've looked like without know what I mean.

Sadly, the Wonder Woman TV show won't be happening. People might think that's a good thing since it looked like such a train wreck. Apparently it was indeed a mess. The test audience that it was shown to didn't think too highly of it and NBC decided to pass on making it a weekly show.

One of the things mentioned about the pilot was Wonder Woman had two different looks. We've seen Adrianne Palicki with the "pants" look several times but there was mention of a "shorts" look. In other words, something closer to her original costume. managed to get their hands on the following image (nice job guys!). What do you think?

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Is this look better than the pants look? Which translates better to live action? Do you think it was the best decision to simply give up completely on the show or did it have a chance at working?