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Wonder Woman #600!

The Princess will celebrate #600!

The Princess will celebrate #600!

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If you take a look at DC's Trinity titles ( Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) you may notice something odd about Wonder Woman's book. Unlike the Batman and Superman volumes whose numbers are well into the six and seven hundreds, Wonder Woman is on issue 38. Her series is currently split into three volumes. If you count up the total number of volumes, however, you will see that the total number of issues as of now leaves us at 594; which means that June 2010 will be her 600th issue. Realizing this, Wonder Woman fans banded together and requested that DC give their Princess a special #600 issue. After receiving 712 postcards from Wonder Woman fans everywhere, Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics Dan Didio resolved to give the fans what they wanted, Wonder Woman #600.

The response to our call for Wonder Woman postcards was spectacular, and we got the message loud and clear. We asked for 600 and by the Oct 31st cut off, we had an overwhelming 712 postcards (nearly 800 by the time of this writing), so as a man of my word, starting in June 2010, DC’s Wonder Woman series will celebrate its 600th issue and continue on from there. And we promise that Diana’s anniversary issue will be one to remember!

To commemorate the event, The Source revealed a picture of Wonder Woman by George Perez. What do you guys think? Do you think that it is a good or bad thing to have Wonder Woman re-numbered at issue 600?