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Wolverine's Son Vs Sabretooth in Ultimate X #5

We're getting closer to Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn.

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Have you been reading Ultimate Comics X? Since Ultimatum, many readers have been wondering what happened to the X-Men in the Ultimate Universe. We clearly saw that anything goes in the Ultimate Universe and many members of the X-Men perished. Without characters like Wolverine, Cyclops and Professor X, it seems you can't have a team of X-Men.

What people don't realize is the team has been slowly picking themselves up. In the first issue we saw Jimmy Hudson, a teenager that discovers he was adopted and has claws. Can you guess who his father was?

In the second issue we met a dark-haired girl calling herself Karen Grant. This telepathic mutant turned out to be hiding a bigger secret and started gathering mutants.

We also saw a winged Derek Morgan from Chicago as well as Liz Allan, who is known as Firestar in the Ultimate Universe.

There has been complaints over the delays (Arthur Adams ultra-detailed art takes time and he took time off to spend with his wife and newborn child). As we approach the upcoming Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn, what will the next issue bring us?

== TEASER ==

Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams will give us the return of Ultimate Hulk. Besides Hulk, we're also going to see a vicious attack on Wolverine's son from a vengeance-fueled Sabretooth. What do Sabretooth and Hulk have in common? Will they both be against our heroes or will one offer assistance?

Issue #5 is on sale June 29, 2011 and will set up enormous changes that lead into Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn. Check out these preview pages.

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