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WOLVERINE Is Next Marvel NOW! Series

We finally find out what that 'SNIKT' teaser from last week was all about.

Remember that Marvel NOW! teaser we showed you late last week that featured one, single, iconic word? 'SNIKT'? The teaser that was clearly hinting at a new Wolverine family series still left us wondering whether the focus would be Daken, X-23 or Wolverine. Today, it seems, we've got our answer. Marvel announced that Wolverine would be seeing a brand-new ongoing starting in March, 2013 as part of Marvel NOW! titled simply (and appropriately), WOLVERINE. The new series will be written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Marvel artist Alan Davis. This means that everyone's favorite mutant will be seeing two ongoing books as part of this Marvel NOW! initiative; WOLVERINE and SAVAGE WOLVERINE.

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Some of you might be asking, why the need for two Wolverine ongoing books? Why not just one? Well aside from the fact that the character is extremely popular (just look at his sales), Wolverine is also a multi-faceted character with a very rich history. There are stories that can be told of him and his adventures with the X-Men, stories that focus on Wolverine as mentor to a younger generation and finally Wolverine on his solo adventures. According to the series' creative team, WOLVERINE will focus on his life in New York "with many non-superhero friends." According to writer Paul Cornell,

"This is the action series title where we meet him in his New York context, with many non-super hero friends (like Claremont always had the X-Men), part of a community of professionals, a very civilized man of violence who’d prefer to be a man of peace," Cornell said. This title, according to Cornell, will be the "central Wolverine title," meaning that it will likely be the place that fans of the character should go to to see the character develop and evolve.

What do you think of the news? Do you think that two Wolverine ongoings are too few, too many or just right? Is this a series you are looking forward to reading? What do you think of the Alan Davis cover? Will you be putting this series on your pull-list come March, 2013?

Source: iFanboy