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Willem Dafoe: 'Norman Osborn' To 'John Carter'

The actor who played 'Green Goblin' goes to Mars?!

Willem Dafoe as 'Norman Osborn'
I am a big fan of Willem Dafoe; I think he is a phenomenal actor and he portrayed Norman Osborn in the Spiderman film extremely accurately. It looks like the man in green is going to strip down for his next role! That's right the ' Green Goblin's' next role will be ' John Connor of Mars' in his next film, which will be directed by Andrew Stanton (WALL-E) and will be Stanton's first attempt at a live action film. The report, according to Variety, indicated that Dafoe will play alongside two actors that played in Wolverine Origins only recently. Taylor Kirsch wo played the role of ' Gambit,' and Lynn Collins who played ' Silver Fox' Kitsch will be playing the title character who is transported to Mars, and Collins will play the Princess. The film is set for release in 2012. Did you ever read any of the John Carter comic books? Are you looking forward to seeing this film? It seems to have a solid creative team and it should be interesting!