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Will You Check Into Clive Barker's Hotel?

A new television show could be coming our way.

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Let me start out by saying I'm a big fan of Clive Barker.  Clive Barker will team up with "Saw" writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton to bring us a new television show, Clive Barker's Hotel.  Like you, my first thoughts were "on television?"  That could...water it down a little but I won't dismiss it right away.  
It's been reported that Dunstan and Melton have sold a pitch to Warner Bros. Television and "a number of networks" are "eyeing it as a potential series."  Details about the actual plot are being kept a secret for now.  It's expected that the show will "follow a series of ghoulish incidents at a haunted hotel."
I have to say I'm on the fence.  I need more information before I can make an official judgment call.  Clive Barker is a brilliant man and can come up with some crazy sh--.  The thought of a 'horror' show on television scares me more in the way that it will be a weak suspense show.  Knowing what network finally lands the show could make a huge difference.  A cable network would be even better.
Do you think there's room on television for a horror-type show?  Could it work on network television?  Have you read any of Barker's novels?