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Will Transformers 3 be 3D?

Transformers 3 is coming out, but will they go the extra step for the third installment?

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It's no surprise that Tranformers 3 got the "go ahead." It made a lot of money, and many people seemed to love it. According to Deadline Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf is already to start filming in May of this year for a 2011 release. However, one interesting this that JoBlo wrote about is the question will Tranformers 3 be Transformers 3D? 

 Bay has previously dismissed the format as a "gimmick" (as opposed to movies about toys from the 1980s), but his exec producer Steven Spielberg was dazzled by AVATAR, and nobody can argue with the receipts from that movie.

In the next couple of months, we may here of some debate between Bay and Spielberg over this. 
Here's the thing: Whether you hated it or loved it, Transformers 2 brought in a but load of money, and it was a fun summer blockbuster. Now, I still have yet to see Avatar, but I did see Up! in 3D. Up! handled 3D very well, giving the movie more depth than anything else. It wasn't as much about the gimmicky, "oh man, it's coming at you!" 3D which we saw with the recent Final Destination and My Bloody Valentine. I've heard Avatar handled 3D in the same way as Up. 
If Transformers were filmed in 3D, it could be a great thing. Bay's fight scenes can become a little confusing. There's so much CGI being thrown around, and it becomes hard for your brain to process what's happening because the CGI characters kind of blend in to the background. With the current 3D technology, it would help separate the autobots and deceptacons from the background. 
3D used to be a gimmicky thing (think Jaws 3D), but the technology has gotten so much better where you don't need to have things pop out at the audience, breaking the 4th wall, to portray 3D. I can't wait to see how this pans out, and I hope they make a 3D film.
What do you guys think? Could Transformers 3D be a good thing or the worst decision ever?