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Will Darkseid be the big bad in the Justice League movie?

It looks like we might see the ruler of Apokolips hit DC's heroes with some omega beams on the silver screen.

Not a whole lot of information has leaked about the potential Justice League movie, but tonight Latino Review posted a veeeeeeeeeery interesting exclusive.  According to the site, Darkseid will serve as the Justice League's threat in the first movie.     

 "KNEEL BEFORE DARKSEID," says Warner Bros. to Marvel Studios.
Naturally, this is a move that's going to stir up some Marvel vs DC movies controversy. For one, do I need to even draw Thanos comparisons? Yes, yes... Darkseid appeared in the comics before Thanos (1970 vs 1973), but I'm willing to bet a rather huge percentage of general moviegoers don't know that.  
I can understand how this is a logical choice for the studio, though. Darkseid served as the foe in The New 52's first JUSTICE LEAGUE story and, as expected, the title didn't do too shabby with sales.  The six issue arc also showcased how the characters joined forces. To me, it seems like a safe bet the film will be inspired by Geoff Johns' story. You know, assuming this reveal actually pans out.
Viners, what do you think about this? Are you happy with the selection or would you rather see a different villain picked for the big screen?  

Source: Latino Review