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Wildstorm Universe #0 Set For Release At San Diego Comic Con!

If you haven't been a fan of Wildsorm, maybe this will get you interested...

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Looks like Wildsorm is going hard at promoting their titles at this year's San Diego Comic Con, which is awesome if you have ever been interested in reading Wildstorm titles but were not sure as where to start. The cover to the book which is shown above, was drawn by Shane Davis and Sandra Hope. Looks gorgeous, and makes a pretty awesome screensaver...

Fans attending San Diego Comic-Con will get the first crack at a new giveaway book. (As if you all didn’t already have enough to be jealous about.)

This Is WildStorm Universe #0 works as a primer for new and long-time WSU fans alike - laying out where each WildStorm Universe team began, where they are now… and offering a few hints about their future. WildCats, The Authority, Gen13, StormWatch - they’re all here, along with a couple