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Why Logan Is the R-Rated Wolverine Move We Want

We saw 43 minutes of the next Wolverine movie, and it's what you were hoping for.

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. This hasn't always been properly shown in the X-Men movies. For a character with a short temper and six sharp claws covered with indestructible metal, one would think he'd leave more of a bloody mess when angered. In Logan, Hugh Jackman reprises the role of Wolverine for the ninth time. It's a dark and dreary time, as seen in the first trailer. Fox has released a second trailer, showing more of the story elements we can expect.

The other X-Men movies each had a PG-13 rating. This only allows a certain amount of violence and profanity. The success of Deadpool showed there is an audience for R-rated superhero films, and Jackman took a salary cut to get the R-rating for his final Wolverine appearance. A higher amount of profanity may not be crucial but the violence is exactly what the character and story needs.

Logan won't be pushing the boundaries in the humor department like Deadpool. Instead, we'll get the tone and violence fitting for character. Set in the near future, the X-Men's world has changed. Mutants have been wiped out, for the most part. Logan is no longer in his prime. With a hint of desperation seen in the trailers, we'll get to see him unleash his fury.

In December, Fox held a 2017 Showcase for upcoming films where 43 minutes of Logan was unveiled. Jackman and Patrick Stewart almost appear to be playing different characters, due to their characters' current situations. When the violence kicks in, it fits perfectly with the vibe of the story set up. Logan's reactions and how he handles the opposition is how the character should behave. The movie also introduces Dafne Keen as X-23, who will also take advantage of the rating.

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Jackman and Stewart are making their characters different from what we've seen before. Seeing Logan with the shakes and having wounds that are not healing is unexpected. Dafne Keen is fantastic as X-23. Her savage nature and agility during the fight was incredible. This is a more serious movie without costumes and villains with over-the-top performances. This is the type of movie the Wolverine deserves.

We'll have more Logan coverage as its release approaches. The movie opens in theaters on March 3.