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Who Will Survive the AVENGERS ARENA?

Marvel is showing that becoming an Avenger won't be as easy as it used to be.

Marvel has always had numerous titles featuring the younger characters in the Marvel Universe. We've had titles such as NEW MUTANTS, NEW X-MEN and recently AVENGERS ACADEMY. While it wasn't always a walk in the park for the younger characters, it was safe for the most part. Some have seen their share of violence but that will be nothing compared to what's coming up.

Last week we saw the mysterious teaser with blood splattered letters but no clue what it was about. Today, Marvel has revealed what that means.

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Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker will be giving us AVENGERS ARENA. What the heck is that about? It's going to be about death.

Arcade, the funny guy with a bowtie that previously was responsible for kidnapping people and putting them in his Murderworld will be targeting 16 young heroes. Murderworld is moving to its own island. According to Marvel:

There’s only one item on the itinerary for this nightmarish getaway: Kill or be killed.
== TEASER ==
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Sounds a little like...The Hunger Games but I'm actually okay with that.

In an interview with Hopeless, he points out that in the past, there weren't really a lot of murders happening in Arcade's Murderworld.

I don't want to give too much away, but I can promise a lot of murder in this new Murder World.

Who will the contestants be? You can see from the image above that we will finally see the return of Darkhawk! Hopefully he'll be able to survive. We'll also be seeing X-23, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil from AVENGERS ACADEMY and Nico and Chase from RUNAWAYS among others.

Maybe it's not such a good thing that these characters are returning in this series. This will definitely be an interesting read. Let's hope we don't see too many senseless killings of our favorite characters.

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