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Who Will Lead The X-Men In Second Coming?

Are we going to see a fight over the leadership?

With the next event about to take place in the X-Universe, Marvel has released an image that brings about the question of leadership over the X-Men.

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The obvious choice would be to place your bets on Cyclops.  In our recent interview with Uncanny X-Men writer, Matt Fraction, he said that Cyclops would be facing the "ultimate test."  Then again that could mean that he'll have to try relinquishing control over to someone else.  This question over who will lead the X-Men reminds me of Uncanny X-Men #201.  A recently de-powered Storm challenged Scott for control.  After Storm defeats Cyclops, he leaves the X-Men (with Maddie Pryor and Baby Nathan) and goes to Alaska.
What about Magneto.  It's weird thinking of him just hanging around not being in control.  He's the type that always has to be at the front.  He has lead the X-Men before.  Will he be content over the way the mutant situation is being handled?  
Let's not forget Emma Frost.  We know she has what it takes to lead a team.  Even though she has been with the X-Men for some time now, there could still be some that might not willingly follow her leadership.  Would she try to take control from Scott?  Perhaps something or someone will enter the picture to distract Scott from properly leading the X-Men?
Who do you think would make the best leader?  Is Cyclops time over?  Should someone else step up and see if they can clean up the mess they're all dealing with?  Will will start to find out as X-Men: Second Coming is on sale March 31, 2010.  It will be written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle David Finch provides the pencils and variant cover.  The issue will carry a $3.99 price tag.  What do you think we'll get from Second Coming?  What would you like to see happen?