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Who Will Come Back From Hell With Wolverine?

Take a look at the most likely to return!

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Wolverine has a new book and a new story line where his soul is stuck in Hell, while his body, inhabited by a demon, plays havoc with everyone on Earth. I’ll admit, I thought the idea for the book was a little ridiculous when I first read the solicits, but after reading the first issue, I loved it. Issue three recently came out and there’s one thing most of us have noticed: There’s a lot of dead characters popping back up.
This begs the question, who will come back from Hell with Wolverine, if anyone? Wolverine has had a lot of his enemies, and friends die in the past and he’s gotten reacquainted with them in the past three issues, so let’s figure out who could be coming back, when they died, and the odds.
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No one comes back

Odds: 1-2    

Not to be a buzzkill, but Hellstorm AKA Son of Satan does say in issue 3, and I quote, “How do we break your boyfriend’s (Wolverine) soul out of an impenetrable super-prison designed by the devil himself? We don’t.” Does that mean that none of the other souls can come back? “If we can exorcise the demons that have possessed his body, it should open the door for his soul to climb back in.” It doesn’t mean that no one can come back, but it’s most likely. Maybe the recently dead, Omega Red and Silver Samurai, could have a chance to jump back into their bodies, but it looks as though Wolverine is the only one with a real chance since his body is still alive and kicking on Earth.

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Died: Wolverine #55 (2007) 

Odds: 1-3   

Sabretooth bit the bucket by Wolverine with the Muramasa blade after going completely feral in Simone Bianchi’s beautifully drawn run. Wolvie and Sabretooth have been rivals for a long time, and not having Sabretooth around leaves a void in a lot of the hearts of Wolverine fans. The two went at it in issue three, and it seems as though Sabretooth is still feral. If he does come back, many fans will hope that the old Sabretooth comes back and not the one that’s one braincell less than a coyote.

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Silver Samurai

Died: Wolverine #1 (2010)

Odds: 1-4 

Harada may have died in the back-up story in issue one, but he comes back in issue three to try and give Wolverine some helpful information regarding why he is in Hell, but he’s quickly decapitated. Once enemies, Silver Samurai and Wolverine have worked together on several occasions. He’s a great character with a lot more depth than people realized, and although it was a bummer to see him die, it did add a lot to the last issue of the book, and I’m sure he’ll play another part in the story. I’d like to see both Mariko and Harada come back together creating an odd family dynamic between themselves and Logan. His odds are a tad higher than Mariko’s based on the fact he recently died.

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Died: Wolverine #57 (1992)

Odds: 1-7 

Wolverine’s fiancée and the sister of rival Silver Samurai, Mariko was poisoned and Wolverine killed her so that she wouldn’t have a slow and painful death. She is Wolverine’s one true love and we get to see her again in issue two as she’s forced to try and literally whip Logan into submission. This is character fans would really like to see come back, maybe even moreso than Sabretooth, but it’s less likely to happen. Although, it would be cool to see a Mariko/Wolverine mini-series. This one is a bit up in the air though.

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Died: New Avengers #16 (2006)

Odds: 1-10 

Wolverine was once a member of Alpha Flight and so was Puck. They worked together on numerous occasions, but eventually Wolverine parted from the team. When the Collective showed up a few years back, he had no mercy on the team and killed everyone, including Puck, who is a fan favorite. Puck shows up in issues two and three for a bit of moral support. He lets Wolverine know that they much not break him. Puck will most likely be a key player in the rest of the book.

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Omega Red

Died: Wolverine Origins #39 

Odds: 1-50

Omega Red died last year, which is like last month or week in comic book time, so his body could possibly still be open for his soul to jump back in. Omega Red and Wolverine battle it out in issue two, and Omega Red is disposed of quickly. He’s always been an interesting character, but I don’t think the fans are clamoring to get him back into the world of the living.


Odds: 1-200

I sincerely doubt it, but it would be a cool twist. Maybe Son of Satan can make this happen.

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Died: Which time do you want?

Odds: 1-100,000

Cyber is a bit of a confusing character. His real body suffered a fatal heart attack, and his mind was transferred into a new body, which Daken and Wolverine left for dead in the Origins series. He popped up in one panel of issue two behind what looked like to be Xorn. I don’t think anyone is clamoring for him to come back from the dead, especially when there are many better friends and enemies down in hell right now. But, just so you know, he’s in Hell, and he’s waiting to get out.  
There you have it! Get your calls into Vegas to place your bets, even though the chances for no one coming back, other than Wolverine, are still pretty good. Who do you think will come back? Anyone we missed?
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Avatar image for xerox_kitty
Posted By xerox_kitty
@NXH: Don't forget to censor your own swearing... 
But yeah, I'd love to see Creed take Daken down a peg or two...
Avatar image for eyz
Posted By Eyz

I'd like Omega Red to be back...but maybe the dead can stay dead for once...nope?
Anyway, I'm sure they'll bring 'em all back, which would then force Wolverine to hunt the down one by one all over again-

Avatar image for fadetoblackbolt
Posted By FadeToBlackBolt

Quick question; who's Wolverine dating atm? 
And I always liked Omega Red.

Avatar image for pinhead230280
Posted By Pinhead230280

I believe Sabretooth will come back and he will bring Mariko, too. And then he will torture her to death. Therefore Wolverine will snap and then he is much more an animal and there will no mercy for Creed.

Avatar image for gambit1024
Posted By Gambit1024

It's probably gonna be Sabretooth, but I'd be cool with Puck returning.

Avatar image for dr__detfink
Posted By Dr. Detfink

I hope no one because Sabertooth is about as redundant a character as Venom. That is to say, overused, always beaten, and poorly written more times than not.

Avatar image for catastrophic
Posted By Catastrophic

Please people, enough with the stupid comic book ressurection. There are many underdeveloped characters out there and give them the chance! Don't suck into this hype.

Avatar image for nyogtha
Edited By Nyogtha

If Victor doesn't I am done reading this series. I see Victor snapping out the trance his evilness put him under and joining Logan's foreseeable butt kicking party.

Avatar image for blacklion
@Metatron_Da_Don said:
"Omega Red was the coolest villain from the 90s X-Men tv show.  I always wanted him to crossover to be a hero. Maybe stories about rebelling against his handlers and getting the Synthesizer. But then I found out he was a pedophile...  They should retcon that...or Maybe they could make him like Sergeant Hatred from the Venture Brothers... "
When was it said that he was a pedophile?
Avatar image for blacklion
I agree. That's the first thing I thought when I saw him.I think that would being a interesting twist.
Avatar image for queenfrost_
Posted By queenfrost_



Odds: 1-200

  This is what marvel's planning to do by the next two years
Avatar image for riddlinggambit
Posted By RiddlingGambit

hope it's Sabretooth. as many foes as Wolvie has Sabretooth seems like the most important.

Avatar image for hellionvulcan
Posted By HellionVulcan

I want Omega red sabretooth & cyber back all three were awesome ...

Avatar image for blacklion

I think the guy in the shadows could be, Wolverine's real father from ORIGINS,Dog,Wild Child(he spent ALOT of time with Romulus,so he might have something to share with logan),or (I might be reaching,but here goes) it could be Remus,Romulus's brother.Hear me out.I did a little research on the real Romulus and he had a "brother" who was his opposite (kinda like Wolverine and Sabretooth),his name was Remus.Now ,what if he (Remus) was Dog or was the father of Wild Child and Sabretooth(becuz I still think Romulus is Thomas Logan from ORIGINS) and tries to do the same "Empire" thing with the two of them(If they happen to sneak out of hell with Logan). 
Avatar image for evodmasters
Edited By evodmasters

I hope Creed is the one to come back.

Avatar image for omega_ray_jay
Edited By Omega Ray Jay

You would have thought Sabretooth (someone i would indeed like to see return) but i recon they will swing for Puck instead.

Avatar image for primepower53
Posted By primepower53
@Pacperson said:
"Sabretooth if anyone...but i don't think anyone will come back with him "
Avatar image for thenightchick
Posted By TheNightChick

Mariko or Samurai

Avatar image for malhavok
Posted By Malhavok

My money's on Sabretooth.  He and Wolvie have too much history to let such a "good" bad guy go to waste forever.
Avatar image for silver_knight75
Posted By Silver Knight75

I didn't even know Wolverine was in Hell, or any of these characters.

Avatar image for goosehorn
Posted By goosehorn

sabertooth it would make sense if any one at all came back
Avatar image for daak1212
Posted By daak1212
@FadeToBlackBolt said:

"Quick question; who's Wolverine dating atm?   And I always liked Omega Red. "

Melitta gardner, she was a major player in the first Weapon X arc and then began dating wolverine in Weapon X 10.  
@Metatron_Da_Don    :  I dont think Omega Red is a pedophile.  I cant recall anybody ever saying he was or maybe one writter said he was and another writter never brought it up by retconing it because it would have brought attention to the fact that he was.  Honestly I really cant recall though so maybe you heard wrong and I hope so because he was pretty cool.
Avatar image for daak1212
Posted By daak1212

I think it could have been the original body or Cyber that we saw.  I really want everyone to comeback imo.  It would suck if Nightcrawler came back though because it would mean he went to hell, and what the hell did he do to get there?
Avatar image for dex
Posted By Dex

Bring back sabretooth he comes back and kills daken

Avatar image for illyana_rasputin
Posted By Illyana Rasputin

I would like to see Mariko removed from Hell. I am surprised she ended up on that plane of existence.
Avatar image for pinchpaker29
Posted By pinchpaker29

Bring back Sabertooth! :) This article has made me realize, Harada and Omega  Red were once very strong and awesome villains... Sad how they get beat up soooo easily lately....

Avatar image for doctor_____
Posted By Doctor!!!!!

Two with one stone... 
Samura and Sabertooth.
Avatar image for logansgirl
Posted By logansgirl
I miss Sabes.
Avatar image for jimmyziogas
Posted By jimmyziogas

Nightcrawler, aka the Elf was always a great friend of Wolvie.  Maybe all his praying was to no avail and he's stuck with his dad Azazel???

Avatar image for dalekdoctor2011
Posted By DalekDoctor2011

Puck and Sabretooth

Avatar image for sniktbub100
Posted By sniktbub100

Sabretooth IS coming back and we'll be seeing a new silver samurai !!

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