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Who Wants To Play With Zatanna?

Sony Online Entertainment shows what she'll look like in DC Universe Online.

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DC Universe Online is a game a lot of us have been waiting for.  While a firm release date still hasn't been announced, every once in a while, Sony Online Entertainment will reveal new characters that will appear in the game.  The latest character revealed is none other than Zatanna.  I think that there are some people around here that dig her look.   
It looks like DC is not holding back on the characters that they're putting in.  No offense to Zatanna (or her fans) but I didn't think we'd actually see her in the game.  Yes she is a powerful character but what happens if you put a gag over her mouth?  I'm curious to see how she'll work in the game.  In the latest trailer, we haven't seen her in action.  I'm sure there are some that would like to see her in action. 
Here's some more images that you can click on to enlarge: 

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Are you getting excited over this game?  What characters do you really want to see in it?