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Who Likes, Kissed, Flirted, Etc With Who In The X-Universe?

A map lays out all the relationships between characters. Wolverine looks like a slut.

Have you seen this "relationship map"?  I saw it the other day at io9 .  It's some interesting stuff.  The image actually comes from and it shows the hard work that someone (or someones) has done.  The key includes One sided infatuation, Flirtation from both sides, Single date/kiss/one night stand, dated over a period of time, marriage, etc.  It kind of makes you feel bad for those that only had a one-sided infatuation and never had a relationship of their own.  It also goes to show that Wolverine is basically a big slut.

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You can check out the original (and slightly bigger) version HERE .  Good job to whoever took the time to map this all out.  I wonder how long it took.