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Who Is The New Red Hood In Batman And Robin?

Gotham City's newest protector or just the next Bat-villain?

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We've seen a couple images already.  There's a new Red Hood hitting the streets of Gotham City.  He'll be "lurking in the shadows" in issue #4 (which features the origin of his apparent partner, Scarlet).  The synopsis for issue #4 refers to them as Gotham's "vicious new protectors."  They're trying to "destroy the very reputation and legacy of the Batman by replacing it altogether."

There's been some guesses that the girl will be the one from issue #1.  I can't see this Red Hood being her father.  I know some people have already guessed that it'll be Jason Todd.  There's also the "growing up" part in the Quitely cover.  That would make sense but do you think he'd return so soon?  I'm sure he'd be pissed enough after Battle For The Cowl to want to destroy the Batman legacy.  He's already shown that he would prefer to be a 'vicious protector.'  What do you think? 

Check out Philip Tan's variant covers to issue #4 (below) and #5 (above).  He's also doing the interior art for this arc.

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