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Which Marvel Character Will be DEAD NO MORE?

The webs might be a hint.

Earlier this month, Marvel released a plain teaser with the words, "Dead No More." There was no hint as to who it could be referring to. Today, Marvel has released a second teaser that is a little more telling.

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It appears it's someone related to the Spider-Man comics. The biggest death for Spidey has been Uncle Ben. Would Marvel revive the one character that is meant to alway remain dead? What about Gwen Stacy? She doesn't seem like the right choice since we already have Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool. It could be referring to a villain. These days it's hard to keep track of which villain is still dead and hasn't mysteriously been revived somewhere off panel.

If you asked us who we'd want this to deal with, you might already know the answer. I won't even get my hopes up that it's Ben Reilly, Spider-Man's clone. I've already stated why I believe Ben is still alive and we've been tricked too many times with the possibility of his return.

Who do you think it'll be?