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What We Want From AMC's The Walking Dead Season 2

Here's our picks for what we want to see from the second season of AMC's zombie drama.

The first season of The Walking Dead ended roughly two weeks ago. Since that time we’ve been theorizing about where the show will go next. It’s apparent that AMC’s version of The Walking Dead differs greatly from the original comic source material, but that’s OK. Now all fans are in the dark about what AMC is cooking up. So with that in mind we’ve decided to break down what we want to see in Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Be advised: major spoilers beyond this point.

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It’s also worth noting that the second season of The Walking Dead will be the standard 13-episode season that most hour long dramas are accustomed to. Therefore, we can expect a whole lot more to happen during the next round of the zombie apocalypse.
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Tyreese is Awesome

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I’m sorry to say it, but T-Dog just does not cut it. We need Tyreese introduced to AMC’s version of The Walking Dead ASAP. Not only is Tyreese a complete and utter badass (remember that scene where he locks himself in a dark room with a horde of zombies?), but he also plays a vital role in the camp of survivors: he’s Rick’s right-hand man; his second in command. With the introduction of Tyreese we also expect to see his daughter and boyfriend. Without getting into spoilers, we really want to see what happens to them play out in the show just as it does in the comic. Yea, we’re a little messed up in the head for wishing this.

Shane Gets Killed   

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We’re all for change and deviation, but this has to happen at some point. Jon Bernthal has done an amazing job playing Shane in AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’re not trying to take anything away from that. But there are just too many significant threads that pick up and carry on from the death of Shane. Not only does Rick lose his best friend, which constantly haunts him, but Shane’s death is also the turning point in little Carl’s life--the moment when he loses his adolescent naivety and is thrust into premature adulthood (that is if they take that route with Shane’s demise). With Shane being out of the picture, it will also be easier for viewers to accept Tyreese as Rick’s new muscle.

The Pregnancy  

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Honestly, with Shane still alive at this very moment we have no idea what path AMC will be taking with this significant plot thread. Will they try to spice up the formula of the comic and instead have Rick raise Shane’s baby while Shane still lives, unable to come forward with the truth? Or will the discovery of Lori being pregnant with Shane’s child drive Rick insane, leading him to murder his best friend? Both of these options are interesting routes, to say the least. Whichever way AMC decides to approach this topic, let’s just hope it leads to good drama and we’ll be happy.

Wiltshire Estates

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This location will forever be known as the place where Dale and Andrea seal the deal, so to speak. For that very reason alone, we want to see the gang stop at the potential utopia of Wiltshire Estates. This pit-stop on the road to oblivion also acts as yet another example of how Rick, his family and the rest of the group of survivors can’t buy a bucket when it comes to a safe living environment.

Hershel’s Farm 

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The impromptu visit to Hershel’s farm after Carl is mistakenly shot in the back is a major story beat in the comic version of The Walking Dead. Namely, this section of the comic introduces us to Maggie, the daughter of Hershel, and soon-to-be significant other to Glenn. While we would love to see Hershel himself in the AMC TV series, the growth of Glenn as a character is more important and reason numero uno why the group of survivors should pay a visit to Hershel’s farm in Season 2.

The Prison

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After being kicked out of Hershel’s farm due to freeloading, Rick and the gang stumble upon an unoccupied prison during their quest to scrimp together food and supplies. It wouldn’t surprise us if the majority of the 13 episodes take place inside this prison setting. For comparison sake, the comic spent issue 13 to 48 inside the prison (OK, that’s kind of a lie, there were moments spent outside the barbwire fencing). But the prison setting does provide an ample amount of storytelling possibilities for AMC to draw upon. They can introduce the group of prison inmates still residing within the prison, as well as show the messed up fate of Tyreese’s daughter and boyfriend (as mentioned above). We even get one of the best speeches in the entire comic series when Rick explains who really are the walking dead. There is just so much that happens while our cast of characters live inside this prison. Skipping it would be a grave mistake by AMC. That’s why we think it’s safe to assume the prison will be making an appearance in Season 2.

Michonne Kicks Ass

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Is there really much else to say? Michonne is one of the best characters in The Walking Dead. Easily. Frank Darabont, the creator of the AMC television series, even said at the New York Comic Con that Michonne was his favorite character. That’s why we think she’ll definitely be strolling into Season 2--duster jacket, katana and zombie minions included. Michonne also plays a big part in forthcoming events with The Walking Dead’s first true “villain,” The Governor.

The Governor is One Sick S.O.B.  

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The Governor doesn’t appear in the comics still shortly after the 24th issue. That’s still quiet a ways off. However, we would not be surprised if AMC expedites his introduction to give Rick and the rest of the survivors their first true villain of the series. Seriously, this guy is screwed up. We will be shocked if AMC puts to film everything The Governor does in the original comic. But we’re throwing down the gauntlet. Bring it, AMC. Make us throw up while watching your television show!

Merle is Still Alive, Remember?

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Merle was never dealt with by the end of Season 1 of The Walking Dead. All that was found on the roof was Merle’s hand, the body missing with a blood trail leading down and out of the building. It would be naive of us to think Merle won’t be showing up in the second season of The Walking Dead, coming after Rick specifically for leaving him behind to die. There are some pretty wild theories out there: Merle being the AMC version of The Governor, for example. While that hypothesis seems far-fetched--especially considering the profoundly different personality traits of Merle and the comic Governor--it would give new meaning to the term “eye for an eye.” Whatever the case may be, we want to see Merle back in all his racist glory for Season 2.


This is our wishlist for The Walking Dead Season 2. Now the question is: what do YOU want to see in The Walking Dead Season 2? Would you like to see the TV series continue to differentiate itself from the comic? Or would you like the AMC series to reel itself back in and more closely follow the original source material? Sound off in the comments below to voice your opinion.