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What is Marvel's SECRET EMPIRE All About? [Update]

Marvel has given us an exclusive teaser and we're scratching our heads.


Marvel just released the following teaser. No additional information was provided. Looks like a lot of characters will be involved, as the previous teasers hinted.

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Original report:

Marvel is know to occasionally release cryptic teasers. We've seen promos for the upcoming "Secret Empire," and it's was a safe bet it was related to Captain America because of his HYDRA connection and the shield in the text.

Marvel just gave us an exclusive teaser, and we're not quite sure what it means.

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How are the X-Men going to be involved in this? Marvel hasn't given us any other information.

Yesterday they released the following teaser:

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Other teasers are popping up online. Previewsworld has one with a Spider-Man connection that says, "Secret Empire Will Amaze You."

Here's all the teasers Marvel's released.

What do you think this is all about?