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What is DC Comics "Rebirth" All About?

Who or what does this deal with?

There's nothing like online rumors. When it comes to comics, there's always rumors flying around. There's been some buzz this morning, and I've had people ask me if I knew anything about the possibility of DC Comics rebooting or relaunching their entire line of comics with new #1 issues.

Possibly in response to these rumors, both co-publishers of DC Comics tweeted the same image:

Is this a confirmation to try to control the rumors or is it a nice tease to stir things up and get people talking?

We reached out to DC and the response was, "No comment."

What are your thoughts?


Perhaps this Rebirth is something on a smaller scale? Ethan Van Sciver tweeted the following this morning.

Geoff Johns replied to Ethan with:

Dan DiDio added the following response to both:

And one final tweet of reassurance from Johns: