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What Are DC's Blammoids?

DC Direct's new line

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I saw these a couple days ago (at io9)and quickly tried to forget about them.  Then Decepto-O brought them up and I figured we should discuss them.  What are Blammoids supposed to be?  They are DC Direct's upcoing "toy" line.
Kick off 2010 with a powerful and cute new look for your favorite DC Comics heroes - BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, AQUAMAN - and more. Blammoids, a new wave of boldly designed toys from the team at DC DIRECT are unlike anything you've experienced before, but you'll definitely want to experience them again. A striking, energetic and kinetic take on the heroes you hold dear, how could you not want to collect them all? They bounce. They BOOM. They're collectible. They're Blammoids. They're fun.

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I'm just not sure what to think.  Do they really bounce?  They don't look like they would (unless they're rubber of some sort rather than plastic).  They "boom"?  Really? 

It looks like DC is trying to make their own brand to compete with the Mighty Mugg figures that make Marvel characters (along with Star Wars and GI Joe).  I think they're kind of hit or miss.  I can't say I really like the shape of them but maybe actually seeing one would be different.  Sinestro and Batman look interesting.  Poor Aquaman doesn't even have a face.  I could see maybe getting one or two to sit on a shelf as a novelty but I don't know who is going to want to "collect them all."  Price could also be another factor.

What do you think of these?  Is DC on the right track with creating their own line of "weird" firugres?  Are there any you'd want to get?  How much would you pay?