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Web Comic Spotlight: 6/13/12: You, Me, and Zombie

You, Me, and Zombie is one adorable web comic featuring a little girl named Olive, her dog Otis, and a whole mess of zombies.

Welcome back to the Web Comic Spotlight where we take a look at a piece of the comic book world that keeps us entertained on a daily basis. Last week, we checked out the world of Rich's Comix Blog. This week, we get really adorable with the web comic You, Me, and Zombie.

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You, Me, and Zombie is a web comic started back in August of 2010 by Agnes Garbowska. The story revolves around a little girl named Olive, her puppy Otis, and a world filled with zombies. Olive wakes up one day to find that the world she once knew is gone, and all she has left is her trusty pooch. From there, she takes off on her scooter.

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What I love about this web comic is that while it's about zombies, and the idea of survival, so far, it's a ton of fun and pretty cute. It's a web comic that has the spirit of a child that's tons of fun for adults. Zombies have been overdone is almost every aspect of mixed media, but You, Me, and Zombie has fun with it. That's right, zombies and fun together in one piece of art. They're mindless, dumb, and even more inept than other versions of them, and while these zombies could be a threat, they're not really threatening per se.

There isn't too much to catch up to for this comic as well. Since it's debut, Agnes has released 30 pages of You, Me, and Zombie. The first chapter contains 20 pages and the second chapter, so far, contains 10 pages. On average, 2-3 pages are released a month, all of which are part of one continuing story.

First thing you'll notice is that this book is so darn adorable. Even the zombies are cute, in a weird way. The web comic has a slight anime feel to it mixed with some amazing watercolors. This comic's art really stands out and has some great style as tell as shading. The best part about it is that the characters look just as impressive as the backgrounds. Overall, this is just a fantastic web comic that will make you happy as pie... pie being eaten by zombies... and pie being human flesh.

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Agnes also has two other web comics in the same art style: Waking Up Abbey and Imagination Station. Both of them are high quality, solid stories, but I just like You, Me, and Zombie a wee bit more.

Make sure to follow Agnes on twitter, and check out the You, Me, and Zombie website. If you'd like a physical copy of this work, and her other work, Agnes just released a collection of her work:

MyMisiu Gazette collects the first issues of my web comics You, Me, and Zombie, Waking Up Abbey, and Imagination Station in FULL COLOUR! There are also lots of fun extras like a short bonus story of how Olive Met Otis. There is one big change in one of the web comics in the book from it’s original online version. This is that Waking Up Abbey has been changes from a horizontal comic to a vertical comic!!
MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 is only $15! Soft cover. 68 Pages. Full colour.

Check out her tumblr page for ordering info. All the images on here were created by Agnes Garbowska and can be found through her website.

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