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Web Comic Spotlight: 5/30/12: Dinosaur Comics

This week's webcomic is essentially the same six panels ever week, yet it always stays fresh and humorous.

Welcome back to the Web Comic Spotlight where we take a look at a piece of the comic book world that keeps us entertained on a daily basis. Last week, we featured web comic that's near and dear to my heart, Our Valued Customers. This week, we take a look at a comic that consists of essentially the same six panels for the past 9 years, Dinosaur Comics.

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Back in 2003, Ryan "Qwantz" North created this webcomic above, and since then, he hasn't stopped. Dinosaur Comics is about three different dinosaurs and the conversations they have with each other. The star of the show is T-Rex, followed by Dromiceiomimus, who is always in the third panel, and finally, Utahraptor, who appears in the fourth and fifth panel.

The key to keeping this same format, and basically the same art, for this comic, is Ryan North's writing. It's always interesting and humorous. Occasionally, there will be something a bit different in the comic, but for the most part, it stays the same and the writing is the main strength here.

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It's amazing to see something this simple continue to be great and last for nine years, and in the internet world, anything popular over a week can lose it's flavor quick, but Dinosaur Comics stays fresh and cool.

The site also contains a place to buy some merchandise, including a plush T-Rex, some t-shirts, and a few books containing these comics. There's also a tumblr page featuring a plush T-Rex in real life in some cute/funny situations. Make sure to check Ryan North out on twitter, and as always, check out the web site to sift through the hundreds of web comics. Ryan North was also once a guest on the Comic Vine Podcast. Click here to listen.

While I haven't read them all, I'll leave you, as always, with one of my favorites on the site.

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Thanks to G-Man... That's right, G-Man for bringing this one to my attention. If you think there's a web comic that needs a spotlight, please e-mail us at I spend sleepless nights going over everything you guys read, so send us some e-mails!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, writer, and host of the internet show no one watches, Barely Watchable. Follow him on Twitter: @inferiorego