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Who's watching your...little watchmen?

I've seen images of a bunch of merchandise for the Watchmen movie.  Some of what I've seen is pretty cool and some a little on the lame side.  It's understandable to an extent that a studio has to license this stuff.  A lot of money goes into making a big budget feature.  There's also the court costs Warner Bros. had to pay in the lawsuit against them from Fox. 

Have they gone too far?

Gia showed me this link from Topless Robot.  Watchmen Condoms?

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Apparently they are 'officially' licensed condoms.  I found on another website that Warner Bros. marketing was handing these out and the package "resembles a matchbook with the iconic blood-stained smiley badge on the front."

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I guess this is your chance to reenact your favorite scenes featuring Dr. Manhattan along with...Lil' Dr. Manhattan.