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Watch the "Human-Sized" Teaser for 'Ant-Man'

A good look at an upcoming Marvel Studios movie? Yes, please!

Yesterday, Marvel Studios put a clever twist on teasing one of their upcoming teaser trailers. Instead of simply showing us some footage from the upcoming teaser and assuming that's enough to get us hyped, they put a creative spin on it: They shrunk the video. Because, you know, Ant-Man! Many of us have put our vision to the test to see what we can spot and others have already increased the size of the footage. Now, they've released the "human-sized" version of the preview video. Not only does this let most of us see what the teaser has in store for us, but it also makes sure the movie's on our radar and we know when to tune in to see the rest of it. Enjoy, readers.

Is having a teaser for a teaser date silly to some? Certainly. Does it manage to catch our attention and make sure we check out the teaser trailer when it drops? Absolutely. I mean, we're writing about it and you chose to come in here and watch the video, right? While many of us may not be fond of the approach, at least they're giving us a look at the movie!

The full teaser will air during the Marvel's Agent Carter premiere. So, if you want to watch that (and the Ant-Man teaser!) you'll have to watch ABC this Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c. Did anything in this preview pique your interest, readers?

Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed and opens July 17.