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Watch the First Ant-Sized 'Ant-Man' Teaser

Yes, this is another teaser for a teaser trailer, but this time it has a funny twist!

Having teasers to promote teaser trailers is something a good amount of us aren't all that fond of, but there's just no denying it manages to build the hype for what's to come and makes sure we're well aware of exactly when we need to keep our eyes peeled for the new videos. For Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, they decided to promote the upcoming teaser trailer in a very creative and amusing way. Let's just say the video's title, "1st Ant-Sized Look at Ant-Man", is very appropriate. Prepare to have your eyes put to the test, readers!

The "human-sized" teaser will air during the series premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter. You can catch that Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c on ABC. So, what were you able to spot in this quick teaser and does it motivate you to watch Agent Carter's new show?

Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed and set to open July 17.