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Watch Batman: Assault on Arkham's Opening Scene

DC's next animated movie is almost here and the opening sequence has been released!

Can Riddler outwit Amanda Waller? DC's upcoming animated project, Batman: Assault on Arkham, is right around the corner and it'll put the infamous Suicide Squad in the spotlight. But before we meet the deadly characters, we're treated to a scene of Edward Nigma tying to stump Waller! Can he leave her baffled or will she effortlessly breeze through his questions? Watch the video to find out!

Talk about leaving us on one heck of a hook, right? If you're attending San Diego Comic-Con (love conventions? vote in our latest Question of the Week!), you'll have a chance to check out the movie's world premiere. If you want to watch it, you'll need to be in Ballroom 20 on Friday at 7pm.

Batman: Assault on Arkham goes on sale August 12.

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Posted By Theblackmagicien

Nice to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman.

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Posted By ULTRAstarkiller

Can't wait, it looks good.

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Posted By Wowlock

Oh shit, they messed with Batman's villian friend, now they are gonna pay :P

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Posted By jayc1324

Also, was that Kevin Conroy!?

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Posted By jayc1324

Cool scene but riddler should've bene smarter than that. Not only have I heard all of those riddles before but he usually is too smart and prepared for people to find his location. This movie looks like its going to be pretty good though

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Posted By CorruptedOwl


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Posted By Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

There animated films get worse and worse. Year One, TDNR and UTRH are so much better than the crap they've been putting out lately.

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Posted By RulerOfThisUniverse

Riddler had some bad voice acting, but otherwise it seemed ok.

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Posted By Vitalius
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Edited By Farkam
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Posted By Vitalius


Suposed to be about Overated games of Batman.

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Posted By SupBatz

Waller's voice is excellent. Glad to have Pounder back. Riddler's voice is decent enough. A little campy, but not the worst I've ever heard. Too bad they didn't get the guy who did the voice in the Arkham games. He's great.

The animation is nice. But Waller's face looks terrible. Something about that nose, or the WAY too many lines on it.

Pessimism aside, I'm pretty stoked for this movie. I have high hopes for it, being that it is not affiliated with the more recent disappointments (JL:War, Flashpoint, Son of Batman).

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Posted By Dernman
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Posted By amazing_webhead

Google? There's no honor in that! No dignity! Googleing riddle answers is basically holding up a big sign that says "I'M STUPID".

First riddle was used in DCUO

And a LEGO Batman comic.

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Edited By rogueshadow

Love the Arkhamverse. Could've used harder riddles.

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Posted By The Impersonator

I hope this Batsy movie is better than the previous one, Son of Batman.

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Posted By mightyrearranger

This is everything I've wanted from DC for years! Exciting times, my friends. :)

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Posted By Mister_Sensational

C.C.H Pounder (the actress who voices Waller) would be perfect to play Waller on screen. I mean she's not chubby but oh well she is still a very talented actress.

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Posted By Novemberx2

I'm disapointed they've not used the same voice actor from the games, given that this is related to games series

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

Loved the "I have google like everyone else" line!

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Posted By NightFang3

I don't like the Riddlers voice and he seemed way too stupid, but I liked Wallers google line.

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Posted By longbowhunter

CCH Pounder back as the Wall. That's enough to get me excited about this. Hope this is a good showcase for the Suicide Squad.

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Posted By TheCheeseStabber

Hey, it's tubby Waller!

MOre Like Jabba The Wall from the way they made here O.o

Look I love chubby Waller, but the animation made it look like he ad no chin also

"I have google like everyone else" xD

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Posted By the_stegman

Hey, it's tubby Waller!

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Edited By Mxyzptlk_CV

hmmm....I'm not very excited about this one...but we'll see...

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Posted By Farkam

Yay, another Batman film :D

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Damn it's good to see The Wall again.

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Posted By MadFacedKid

First riddle was used in DCUO

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

It'll leak really soon if the other films are any type of indicator.