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Warner Bros. Dumps He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe

Looks like they no longer have "the power."

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Warner Bros. has decided to drop their plans on reviving the Masters Of The Universe franchise.  The movie had been in the works since 2007 with Joel Silver set to produce (I first mentioned it HERE).  According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Mattel simply couldn't agree on the direction to take the movie.  They both agreed to let the option for the movie to lapse.
For fans of He-Man, this doesn't necessarily mean the movie is dead.  Mattel now has control again and will shop it around to other studios.  John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) will still be directing but Joel Silver will no longer be attached.  Silver has an exclusive contract with Warner Bros.  (Warner Bros. still has plans for making a 'Hot Wheels' movie with Mattel). 
I think the tone of the movie is what could really determine its success.  The original cartoon was pretty cheesey (as were most 80s cartoons).  The real question would be who do they want to gear this towards?  With Mattel involved and the built in potential for a new toy line, they might want a child-friendly film.  The thought of that would most likely make those of us that recall the cartoon cringe.  There were some good characters created for the show.  Taking a slightly darker direction could really make this a franchise worth seeing.  I just have the feeling that it will end up a lighter tone.
How do you feel about He-Man?  Do you think it should have a darker, edgier tone to it or be friendly enough for the kids to see (and buy up all the toys)?  Have you ever watched the cartoons or read the comics?  Have you actually seen the last live-action attempt with Dolph Lundgren?

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