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Want 'Dredd 2?' Sign This Official Petition!

Sign this petition or you're betraying the law.

Despite being all kinds of awesome and getting widely positive reviews, Dredd didn't do very well at the box office. It was a hit when it eventually came to blu-ray/DVD sales, but disappointing box office figures isn't exactly easy for a studio to overlook. We desperately want a sequel and it's clear many others do, too -- the "Make a Dredd Sequel" Facebook page currently has over 31,000 likes. Publisher 2000AD definitely isn't giving up on the live-action version of the franchise and they've created an official petition to hopefully boost the odds of a sequel being made.


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It's unclear how many signatures are required to be a success, but that shouldn't deter you from doing the right thing and signing it, right? We'd be more than thrilled to see Karl Urban reprise the role, so hopefully this will make a difference!

Who else now has a strong urge to rewatch Dredd?