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Wally West's Connection to Iris West Revealed in 'The Flash'

How exactly will they be related?

Back in August, it was announced that Wally West would be coming to The Flash on The CW. Wally would be played by Keiynan Lonsdale.

In the comics, Wally was Iris West's nephew. Even when re-introduced in The New 52, the family relationship remained the same. In this week's "The Fury of Firestorm," we discover that Wally will not be Iris' nephew.

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We recently discovered that Iris' mom was actually alive. She was on drugs when Iris was very young and Joe tried getting her to go through rehab. She eventually disappeared and Joe thought it would be easier to tell his daughter her mother died rather than the truth that she left her. With Francine back in town, she wanted to get to know her grown daughter. When Iris stated she didn't need her or to see her, Francine revealed she was dying.

Iris later did some investigating. She discovered the truth. Francine was dying but there was more. Francine had a son who was born eight months after she left Central City. The big question is who is the father? Does this mean Wally is Iris' brother? We're assuming this is actually Wally. It adds a slight change to Wally but allows for him to enter the show without being too young. If Wally is Joe's kid, why would Francine leave without revealing this fact to Joe? If she was struggling with a drug dependency, would raising a kid on her own be the best thing when her husband was doing a great job with their daughter?

What are your thoughts on Wally now being Iris' brother (or half brother)?