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Vote for the Next Character of the Month: 7/14

The latest theme: mercenaries and assassins! There's 10 of them on the poll and now it's up to you -- yes, you -- to pick one!

Moon Knight Month is almost over (sorry, Khonshu!), so that means it's time to pick our next Character of the Month! July is just a week away and we're giving you 5 days to choose the next character that'll receive a full month of love and attention. Our first theme was A-list heroes and last month's theme was anti-heroes, but now we're giving some of the evil people attention. We have 10 assassins and mercenaries on the poll and now it's time for you to select a winner!

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Unfortunately, Elektra was on last month's anti-heroes poll and one of the basic rules is a character cannot appear in the poll two months in a row (it's just not fair to the others, is it?). However, we still have a very cool cast of fiends to choose from. Your options for this month are Bane, Boba Fett, Bullseye, Cheshire, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Lady Shiva, Lobo, Mystique, and Taskmaster. The winner will appear in the Question of the Week several times, maybe have a few Battle of the Week segments, and receive their very own articles (Best Covers, Best Battles, Must Read Stories, maybe more). Which mercenary/assassin will earn the honor of becoming the next Character of the Month? Well, you can play a part in deciding that, so go vote and then explain why a one of these characters deserves the praise!


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Voting will stay open until Friday morning (ET). We'll post an updated article announcing the winner shortly after the poll is closed. Now, go support your top choice!

Want to make a theme and character suggestions for an upcoming edition of Character of the Month? Let us know below or tell us via Twitter.