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'Vostok-X' Joins 'The Others' In AQUAMAN #7

Writer Geoff Johns unveils yet another member of 'The Others' set to appear in the upcoming issue of Aquaman.

The next member of Geoff Johns' 'The Others' team set to make their first appearance in AQUAMAN # 7 will be Vostok-X. Vostok-X is unlike any of his teammates; in fact, it's hard to say whether he is even entirely human. This new character was created on a Russian space station in a controlled environment. Evidently, Vostok-X is also the only one of his kind -- at least for now. According to Johns Vostok-X is not only able to fly, but he is also fully equipped and is considered a "perfect cosmonaut," giving him heightened endurance, strength and intelligence.

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Conceived in a controlled test aboard a Russian space station, the man known as Vostok-X was genetically designed to be the perfect cosmonaut. Heightened endurance, enhanced strength and intelligence and most importantly to the scientists overseeing the project, he was psychologically programmed through intense experimentation to embrace human isolationism. Vostok struggles with making emotional connections with other people.

However, as strong and awesome as he sounds, Vostok-X still has some difficulty connecting with people on an emotional level. What do you think of the character design? Do you like Vostok-X so far? Are you looking forward to seeing him as well as the previously revealed 'Others' teammates?

Source: DC