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Video of the Batmobile from Suicide Squad Surfaces

See what the Batmobile will look like in the upcoming film

More and more photos and videos are coming out from the set of the 2016 film Suicide Squad. This week, video was released of some driving! In the two videos, we get to see Joker driving around in his car, being followed by the Batmobile.

Instagram user starrrs visited the set and took some video of the chase.

You NEED to watch this. #SuicideSquad #mrj #capedcrusader

A video posted by Nebula* (@starrrs) on

Here's another video of the Batmobile whipping around a corner in order to catch up to the Joker, who speeds down the street.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! #suicidesquad #capedcrusader #mrj

A video posted by Nebula* (@starrrs) on

So it looks like the Batman may be in Suicide Squad or at least his car will be. However, it would be pretty silly to have just the car in the film and not actually show Batman and also a giant disappointment to viewers.

Suicide Squad opens up on August 5, 2016