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Vertigo Announces Editorial Promotions

Vertigo is still going strong and has big plans in the works.

Earlier this month it was reported that Karen Berger stepped down as Vertigo's Executive Editor. This immediately put a panic among the readers as many felt this was a sign of the end of the line of comics. Today, Vertigo has announced some promotions that show things are still going strong.

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Shelly Bond has been promoted to Executive Editor of the imprint. Bond began working for Vertigo back in 1993 as Assistant Editor. She's played a role in discovering and launching series such as FABLES, FAIREST, THE INVISIBLES, LUCIFER, iZOMBIE, THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS and many more.

She's worked with creators such as Mark Buckingham, Mike Allred, Mike Carey, Howard Chaykin, Becky Cloonan, Phil Jimenez, Paul Pope, Steven T. Seagle, Bill Willingham, Jill Thompson and many more. She also worked with Willingham as the editor for THE ELEMENTALS before DC.

Here's a comment from Karen Berger on Bond:

I've been incredibly lucky to have worked for many years with these three smart and talented editors. Shelly has been by my side since the beginning of Vertigo, so I couldn't be happier about passing the baton to her. She brings so much creativity, passion and professionalism to everything she edits with special note to the wildly successful FABLES, which she launched and has overseen for over 10 years. Will is a highly regarded story editor of many critically acclaimed series including 100 BULLETS, DMZ and SCALPED and has procured many European and South American artists for our titles. Mark has a great eye for new writing talent, and his avid interest in up-to-the-minute fiction has been a real asset to the line. I look forward to reading many great comics and graphic novels from these three for many years to come. Vertigo is in the best of hands.

Joining Bond is Will Dennis, who has been promoted to Group Editor and Mark Doyle, who was promoted to Editor, Vertigo. Both have spent years under the guidance of Karen Berger. Dennis has edited many best-selling projects within and outside of Vertigo including THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, 100 BULLETS, SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW and BEFORE WATCHMEN. Doyle helped launched Scott Snyder's first ongoing, AMERICAN VAMPIRE and has worked on other titles such as SWEET TOOTH, NORTHLANDERS as well as BEFORE WATCHMEN.

Sounds like Vertigo is still in safe hands. Congrats on the promotions.