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Veronica Fish Talks Drawing ARCHIE and Upcoming Arc

Fish dicusses getting the job and the upcoming arc for the series.

Starting with issue #5, Veronica Fish takes over art duties on ARCHIE, written by Mark Waid. Fish talked to us about her upcoming work and what the next arc is about, before her issue of the book hits comic shelves on January 6, 2016.

Promo art by Veronica Fish
Promo art by Veronica Fish

COMIC VINE: How did you land the gig on ARCHIE?

VERONICA FISH: I made a wish on the Zoltar machine at Coney Island! Actually, Chip Zdarsky had mentioned to the editors that they should look at my work when the reboot was being formulated. I did some test character designs and they offered me a different job actually, then a little while later Archie itself. I’d like to send Chip a fruit basket or something, but it’s so expensive shipping to Canada.

You can find a little joke I slipped in there for him towards the end of issue 5.

CV: What were you feeling when you got the job?

FISH: After I picked up my cracked cellphone (which I promptly dropped while gasping abruptly) pretty elated. Even the busted cellphone glass couldn’t get me down.

CV: Right after you got the job, what characters did you start drawing?

FISH: Jughead was the first, I looked at Mike Nesmith from the Monkees for him (because I feel they have similar personalities AND sweet hair). Betty was the one I was stuck on for a bit after that, especially picturing her with a skateboard and wearing surf clothes (like a surfer “Betty” I guess. Then I was really into drawing Veronica in a lot of chic outfits while looking at J. Crew catalogues and some fashion bloggers.

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CV: What characters from Riverdale do you find the most interesting and why?

FISH: Reggie. Mark has given him a very layered and complex back story, and the more that I read about his motivations, his family relationships and his vulnerabilities the more I like him.

CV: What is your arc going to be about?

FISH: My arc deals with Reggie’s quest to break up Archie and Veronica, the tension Betty is dealing with watching Archie have a relationship with somebody else, and my favorite - exactly why Veronica likes Archie so much. (and it’s NOT to have someone to boss around!)

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CV: Considering the Archie Comics characters are pretty iconic and a part of Americana, did you feel there was a lot riding on your shoulders?

FISH: Oh geez, nah - excuse me while I open this bottle here - it’s only like one of the longest running, most deeply rooted stories in the history of the American comic book industry. I’m not ridiculously, super nervous AT ALL.

CV: The new Archie series from Mark Waid has a real fresh and "now" feel to it. What's it been like working with Mark thus far on the series?

FISH: Mark has been an absolute gold star, he’s a masterful writer and a lovely person. He even sent me Three Stooges comics in .pdf when I was out of the country and very homesick on Thanksgiving! He’s very easy to work with, bursting with great ideas and I thoroughly enjoy the chance to collaborate.

Thanks to Veronica Fish for talking to us and ARCHIE #5, featuring her artwork, comes out on January 6.

Here's some more art from Fish.