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Venom Spin-Off Officially Confirmed

This could either be good news or bad...

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Sony has decided to officially go with a Venom spin-off movie.  Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (the writing team for "Zombieland") are set to write the script according to SciFi Wire.  The writers claim that they are under strict orders of secrecy.

The writers also say that they are big fans of Venom (Sam Raimi said from the beginning that he wasn't).  They've been doing research recently to make sure they get it right.
"We read [Venom] growing up, but we were not experts," Reese said. "We certainly know the mythology of Venom, but went back and learned more when it became clear that we could actually get this job."
They also understand that there is a bit of pressure.  Venom has some serious fans.  They're going to have high expectations.  A lot of people weren't happy with how he came out in Spider-Man 3. 

Since they are keeping things secret for now, there's no word on the plot or whether this is a direct spin-off from Spider-Man 3.  Venom apparently died in that movie.  We'll have to wait and see whether or not his story will continue from there or if they'll just re-boot his character.

Which direction do you think they should go?  Can Venom hold his own movie?  Who should he be going up against (we can assume Spidey won't be involved).  Should Topher Grace reprise the role or should someone new take over?  Do you want to see a Venom movie?