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Venom and Sinister Six Movies Announced

Movie Spider-Man's life is about to get way more difficult. Good thing he has great power, right?

Sony's execs previously hinted they want to create spinoff films and today, they made it official: they're moving forward with at least two spinoff projects. The first has been teased a gazillion times now: the Sinister Six. Not only have they dropped the name before (one of Marc Webb's photos had it plastered on a wall), but they've been building Peter's rogue gallery and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is adding plenty of new characters. If you have a keen eye, then you know Venom also exists in this universe (Harry's display in the trailer said "Venom storage").

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Drew Goddard, Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Jeff Pinker, and Ed Solomon will "collaborate on overseeing the developing story over several films." They'll work with producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad and director Marc Webb. Kurtzman, Solomon and Orci are tasked with writing Venom's movie and Kurtzman will direct. Meanwhile, Goddard is confirmed to write the Sinister Six movie and maybe direct. The press release says the five writers, two producers and Webb have created a "franchise brain trust" to make sure the universe keeps a continuous tone as it expands.

Based on what we've seen in the cinematic universe so far, who would you want on the Sinister Six's roster and why? Seeing as Venom is at Oscorp, it could be inspired by the Ultimate version of the symbiote. Are you excited or what, Viners?