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Variant Cover Reveal: SONS OF THE DEVIL #4

Check out the variant covers for issue #4 of this Image series.

Issue #3 of SONS OF THE DEVIL comes out July 22, and we have a look at the variant covers by Siya Oum and Brian Miller, for issue #4 of the series, set to hit your LCS on August 26.

Cover by Toni Infante
Cover by Toni Infante


Story By: Brian Buccellato

Art By: Toni Infante

Cover By: Toni Infante

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: JUN150580

Published: August 26, 2015

A dangerous face from the past re-emerges.

Cover by Siya Oum
Cover by Siya Oum
Cover by Brian Miller
Cover by Brian Miller

Make sure to pre-order SONS OF THE DEVIL through your LCS if you want a copy. This issue goes on sale August 26.