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Use LEGO's Stop-Motion Animation iPhone App To Bring Your Toys To Life

LEGO's Super Hero Movie Maker gives a whole new meaning to playing with your toys.

What good are toys if you can't play with them, right? There's no better feeling than to rip open a box of your favorite comic book action figure. Yet, the older we get, the less we know what to do with these toys, and as a result we generally just put them on display.

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The latest new iPhone app from LEGO and DC Universe Super Heroes, however, is bound to spark your imagination.

I'm always impressed with stop-motion animation that takes clay figures or toys and virtually brings them to life. Back in the day the entire process was pretty difficult, but now you can make your very own LEGO Super Heroes movie with the LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker. The app makes the stop-motion animation process easy by cutting it down to virtually one step. The best thing about it, though, is that pretty much anyone with limited knowledge of how to use an iPhone can utilize the app. All you really have to know how to do is tap the center of your screen to take a picture of your action figures. The app was first unveiled on April 18th and is currently available for free on iTunes. The app is bound to give a whole new dimension to playing with your toys. Although the app was made possible by both LEGO and DC Universe Super Heroes, I'm sure Tony can't wait to put it to work to re-enact Star Wars. Or even the upcoming Avengers movie.

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Speaking of the Avengers movie, we recently stumbled upon a re-enactment of 'The Avengers' movie trailer by PitchFilms using stop-motion animation; only these guys took a more complicated route to make their movie. Using a 7D camera, Dragon Frame to create the stop motion, and After Effects; PitchFilms took their collection of Avengers Marvel Legends action figures and implemented them into the official 'The Avengers' movie trailer. The best part isn't only that we get to see toys act out the trailer -- oh no. If you were hoping to see Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch in Whedon's upcoming 'The Avengers' movie and were bummed when you found out they wouldn't be making an appearance, then you will be happy to see them make their onscreen appearance here.

While I don't think we'll be making a movie nearly as cool as the Marvel Legends 'The Avengers' Trailer using this new LEGO iPhone app, we are pretty excited to play with our toys. What do you guys think of the app? Is this something you are interested in?