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[Update] We Can Be Heroes...Soaring Towards 125K

DC's initiative to help fight hunger continues to pick up steam.

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After calling the attention of ComicViners to the initial goal of the WE CAN BE HEROES -- SUPERMAN INITIATIVE... I would be totally remiss if I didn't point out that we met that goal sometime on Saturday! What's more... with some 13 hours left... we're well on our way to 120K!

Wait, what?! How did that happen?! We were at 63K just last week, no?!

Well one Tim Draper stepped up and donated some 25K for Jim Lee to paint his wall!

And a mysterious bidder donated 8K for the dinner with Geoff Johns and RIchard Donner! (And no, it wasn't me! Though I'd be more than happy to dress in a white shirt and bow tie and wait on these two titans!)

But don't let all these big numbers keep you from donating if you haven't already. There are still lots of ways to contribute to the WE CAN BE HEROES - SUPERMAN INITIATIVE. There's everything from the SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 WCBH's exclusive, to ball caps and t-shirts... you can even even donate as little as 10$ for downloads of five different Super-titles! (Psst! You don't even have to chose from all the glorious super swag at the site -- there's even a way just to make a donation.)

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You notice I keep using the word "We" a lot! It is the perfect word the occasion: I'm not just talking about the royal DC We, or even the We that includes me, Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Greg Pak, Kenneth Rocafort, James Tucker, Mike Carlin, Dan Jurgens and David Goyer... I'm talking about every "We" who have already given so much to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa...

... and I'm even talking about the "We" who are going to follow this link -- or forward it to a friend -- and use the power of the Internet and the compassion of comic fans everywhere to make this an even greater success!


We passed 120k and are almost at 123K! Could 125K be in sight?